Managing references in Word

If you are writing a patient leaflet, a report or essay you will need to support what you say by using references.  Library staff can help advise you on how to insert references (cite) in your document and produce a tidy list – a bibliography at the end of the text.  There are many referencing formats.  Two of the most common in medical literature are Vancouver (as used by the BMJ) and Harvard as used at Bournemouth University.

How do you manage your list of references?  If you do not have many – perhaps under 30 articles, book chapters or reports you may find that the References tab in MS Word is adequate.

To add the details of a book, journal article etc. click the References tab >Manage Sources > New, then select the type of material you have (book, report etc) and add the information (Title, Author, Year) in the appropriate fields. You will build up a list of references in this way.

If you are doing a big literature review, you will find it easier to be able to import references in bulk into special software – a reference management system.  There are many of these available, but a limited number of free ones!  Please ask Library staff if you would like further help or advice with referencing.