User survey 2017 – the results are in!

The Library Service is expected to gather feedback from users as part of the Quality Assurance process. A survey offers users the opportunity to comment on the service and can provide evidence for service development/improvement as well as demonstrating how the service supports clinical and management decision-making.

We collected responses using Surveymonkey from 25 September – 11 October 2017. The survey was sent by email to our registered library users and it was advertised on the Trust’s emails to all staff.  We offered Amazon vouchers as an incentive to complete the survey.  We received 137 responses, with 100 people leaving their names for the prize draw.

The high level of customer service from the Library staff is a consistent theme.

We asked for suggestions on how the service could be improved. The Top 5 suggestions in order of frequency are:

  1. More study space: Seating area for reading only/designated quiet zone; separate area for group study and discussion.
  2. Enforce quiet/ban calls to mobiles – noted to be a problem out of hours
  3. Increase awareness of Library services (esp. OpenAthens/E-Journals and Books): particularly for NHS organisations outside of DCH e.g Dorset Healthcare and CCG.
  4. Install more PCs
  5. Scrap printing charges

The full report can be viewed here:

Library user survey 2017