Introducing the Wellbeing Corner at DCH Library

The library welcomes you to its Wellbeing Corner, dedicated to providing NHS staff with space and resources to keep them mentally healthy. Our Reading Well for Mental Health Book Collection is situated in this corner; the books are all endorsed by health experts, as well as people living with the conditions covered and their relatives and carers. Also on display is a jigsaw puzzle – come and add some pieces when you’re next in the library! We’ve also provided mindfulness colouring sheets and pencils, should you need some “colouring in” therapy. Our fiction section can also be found in this area.

Why have we done this?

The moral and legal case for effective health, safety and wellbeing in NHS organisations has been well documented over a number of years. This is recognized within the NHS constitution which states that staff have a right to work within a health and safe workplace. The DCHFT People Strategy endorses activities which support health and wellbeing, including mental health. The library is in a good position to be able to contribute to this strategy by providing staff with space and resources on a variety of topics related to staying mentally healthy. Please take a look at the books on our Reading Well for Mental Health Collection