How are we doing?

Everyone likes a bit of feedback now and again. If you have used our service – this could range from training to Inter-Library Document Supply, from literature searching to referencing help – we wondered if you could take a couple of minutes to complete our impact survey? It can be found at

Here’s what some of our users have said:

“The information gained through books taken out has given me insight into how I can improve my practice as a student nurse and into the future.” (Student Nurse)

“My contacts with the library have been incredibly helpful.” (PALS)

“I feel the library service is a highly valuable resource, and the staff are welcoming and helpful. I feel that the library welcoming both staff and members of the public creates an excellent link for engaging people in their own care.” (Research Nurse)

“I regularly rely on the dch library team to get information to help me manage difficult clinical problems. They are incredibly quick, thorough and helpful.” (Consultant)

We are always interested in how our service can be improved so any suggestions would be gratefully received.