Go Green for Libraries Week!

2nd-8th October 2023 is Libraries Week and this year the theme is Going Green. We’ve partnered up with Dorset County Hospital’s Sustainability Team to raise awareness of issues affecting the library and the organisation as a whole. Led by Beverley Lagden the team met with Library Services Manager, Morag Evans, to discuss how they could collaborate during Libraries Week and into the future. Next week, we will be displaying the work the hospital is already doing to improve its sustainability and here on our blog we describe the activities both teams are doing to raise awareness of these important issues.

If you are a member of staff who would like to learn how to be more sustainable in your workplace why not follow our top tips?

  1. Read DCH’s Green Plan:

2. Become a sustainability champion! You can read more about the work of Sustainability Champions at https://www.dchft.nhs.uk/about-us/sustainability/

3. Sign up to Ecoearn – Ecoearn encourages employees of Dorset Trusts to take both positive environmental and wellbeing actions. It recognises these actions through monthly rewards. The aim is to involve employees in sustainability and wellbeing activities, reducing our direct and indirect carbon emissions. Users are grouped into work teams and compete to earn the most Green Points as individuals and as a team. Performance points are displayed on the web and app leader board. Each month, the top 5 performing individuals are rewarded with £20 vouchers. 6 x £10 vouchers are also raffled across any active users.  

Go to https://ecoearn.co.uk/

4. Did you know the Trust has a Wildflower Meadow? Turn left on your way to Sainsbury’s or up from the outside area at Damers restaurant. Tell us what you see when you’re there! So far this year we have seen a range of wildflowers, bees, butterflies, and other insects! Last year robins were a common sight, will they be back? (Robins and blackbirds move around the UK in winter).

5. Have a go at cycling or walking to work – did you know the Trust has bike sheds and shower facilities?

6. Find out more about sustainability and green issues by doing the training on ESR – search for Building a Net Zero NHS:

7. Visit Dorset Explorer to see different maps (including cycle routes and green spaces) of our local area.

8. The library has a number of ebooks on sustainability and green issues – browse our selection on Kortext via your OpenAthens username and password.

9. Drive to work on your own? Why not give a colleague a lift? Use NHS Dorset Lift Share!

10. Last but not least, every little helps, so whatever you can to be more green is great, whether that’s limiting your printing, switching off your monitor and lights at the end of work, walking or cycling to work, or appreciating nature during your lunch break! These actions can also benefit your health and wellbeing, with time in nature shown to help calm and relax us, and time outside in the day may even help you sleep better.

Next week the library will be sharing its pledges to become more environmentally friendly. Watch this space!