Impact stories – how the library makes a difference



The Library collects impact data on how we make positive differences to, for example:
patient care, professional development, knowledge and understanding, clinical decision making.

Here we share a snapshot of some of the ways in which we have helped users:

“Helps find evidence to support planned change in clinical service delivery”

“Really helpful service when women want that extra information to help them make informed decisions in their care”

“The service is extremely helpful in researching relevant papers and evidence in the literature that helps clinical practice and contact with patients. Highly recommend colleagues to make use of the library service.”

“Well delivered and useful session”

“The staff at DCH [library]have been extremely helpful and have sourced books for me that would have taken much longer time for me to try to get on my own. “

“Library services are accessible and staff are approachable.”

“Always very helpful.”

“Staff are very friendly and helpful; offered to look for the information I needed and sent me the relevant information which saved me a lot of time.”

“I think the library should be used more by people in the department as there is a wealth of knowledge to tap in to”

“Made me aware of services available and how we can work together to produce educational material”

“Clearer idea of how to do a literature review and improve my skills/patient care”

“Staff are really helpful and quick to respond to requests.”

“The staff at Dorset County Hospital have been extremely helpful..”

“Provided up to date literature search prior to a presentation. As always a very efficient and appreciated service, thank you. “

“Very approachable and helped my return to formal study skills”

“I have always found library staff to be helpful and approachable. I really value the service they provide- particularly the current awareness bulletins”

“The information gained through books taken out has given me insight into how I can improve my practice as a student nurse and into the future. Additionally, I have gained knowledge and an awareness of myself and others around me… Such a friendly, kind and informative service, always happy to help which quite frankly I could have not done without to improve assignment skills and gain knowledge to improve care.“

“My contacts with the library…have been incredibly helpful in getting to grips with the rather complicated leaflet approval process. Despite this not entirely being [their] area of expertise, [they have] helped wherever [they] can, shared knowledge and has been very supportive and boosted my confidence to keep chipping away at it until I understood the whole process. Thank you.“

Here are two impact vignettes showing how we have supported clinicians with professional development and providing patient information: