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Study Skills

The Library offers a variety of resources which can enhance your study skills.


General Study Skills:

Cottrell, S. (2008) The study skills handbook. 3rd ed. (Library classmark L125)

Cottrell, S. (2011) Critical thinking skills. 2nd ed. (Library classmark L125)

Greetham, B. (2013) How to write better essays. 3rd ed. (Library classmark L125)

McMillan, K. & Weyers, J. (2011) How to write essays and assignments. (Library classmark L125)

Peck, J. (2012) The student’s guide to writing : spelling, punctuation and grammar. 3rd ed. (Library classmark L128)

Reading and writing skills – academic:

Aveyard, H. (2011) A beginner’s guide to critical thinking and writing in health and social care. (Library classmark L125)

Bell, J. (2005) Doing your research project : a guide for first-time researchers in education, health and social science. 4th ed. (Library classmark L125)

Cowen, M. (2009) Study skills for nursing and healthcare students (Library classmark L125)

Gimenez, J. (2011) Writing for nursing and midwifery students. 2nd ed. (Library classmark L128)

Glasper, E.A. (2013) How to write your nursing dissertation. (Library classmark L128)

Keeling, J. (2013) How to write well : a guide for health and social care students (Library classmark L128)

Maslin-Prothero, Sian. (2010) Bailliere’s study skills for nurses and midwives. 4th ed. (Library classmark L125)

Mason-Whitehead, E. (2008) Study skills for nurses. 2nd ed (Library classmark L125)

Price, B. (2010) Critical thinking and writing for nursing students (Library classmark L125)

Ridley, D. (2012) The literature review : a step-by-step guide for students. 2nd ed. (Library classmark L125)

Scullion, Phillip A. (2007) Study skills for nursing and midwifery students  (Library classmark L125)

Taylor, D. B. (2014) Writing skills in nursing and healthcare : a guide to completing successful dissertations and theses (Library classmark L128)

Useful Websites

BBC Skillswise – improve your English and Maths with BBC Skillswise

Internet Detective – a tutorial on how to use the Internet wisely

LearnHigher – useful time management skills

Nursing Standard Study Skills – range of tips and articles to help nurses and nursing students study effectively

Open University Study Skills – helpful tips on time management and study skills

Revision tips from the Guardian – why sleep and repetition will boost your brain power!


Whatever course you are on and whatever you are studying we will endeavour to give you support and help where appropriate. Our qualified librarians can help with literature searching. If you need any help please contact the library by phone: 01305 255248 or by email:









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